Mad City Quilt Guild Bylaws

Article I — Name and Purpose

Section 1.  NameThis organization shall be known as Mad City Quilt Guild.
Section 2.  PurposeThe purpose of the Guild shall be to encourage and promote the art of quilting and present activities of interest to the members.
Section 3.   Organization TypeThe Guild shall be a nonprofit social club, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian.

Article II – Membership

Section 1.   EligibilityAny person with an interest in quilting will be considered a member upon payment of annual dues, exempting residents of current meeting place, if applicable.
Section 2.  Membership YearThe fiscal year coincides with the Guild meeting year. It shall run from August 15 through August 14 of the following year.
Section 3.   DuesAnnual dues for the coming year shall be determined by the Board at its summer meeting. Dues are to be paid by September 30. A member whose dues are in arrears shall be dropped from the membership roster. Members who join after February 1 (six months into the guild year) will have their dues prorated to one-half the annual fee.
Section 4.   GuestsGuests are welcome to attend any meeting but will be expected to join the Guild if continued attendance is desired.

Article III — Guild Meetings

Section 1.   Regular MeetingsGuild meetings shall be held twice monthly, on the first Tuesday afternoon and the fourth Monday evening, from the August evening meeting through the May evening meeting. Exceptions will be made for holidays and other special circumstances.
Section 2.   VotingPassage of any question brought before the Guild shall be a simple majority of members present.
Section 3.   Special ActivitiesThe guild may offer special activities, such as workshops and retreats. Nonmembers may be expected to pay a higher fee than members to any workshop or function sponsored by the Guild.

Article IV — Executive Board

Section 1.   Board MembersThe elected officers, the appointed chairpersons of committees, and the immediate past president shall constitute the Board. The executive board shall conduct the affairs of the Guild.
Section 2.   Elected OfficersElected Officers shall consist of the President, Afternoon Vice President, Evening Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. All officers are responsible for maintaining a record of their activities during their time in office, to be passed on to their successor.
Section 2a.   PresidentThe President shall preside at the Executive Board meetings. S/he shall determine the calendar schedule and make room arrangements for Guild and Board meetings. S/he shall appoint committee chairs and coordinate the committee relationships with the Guild as a whole.
Section 2b.   Vice PresidentsThe Afternoon and Evening Vice Presidents shall preside at their respective meetings and ensure the meeting room is left in an acceptable condition.
Section 2c.   SecretaryThe Secretary shall take minutes of Board meetings, distribute them to the Board, maintain an historic record of the minutes, and make them available to the Board and the Guild members.
Section 2d.   TreasurerThe Treasurer shall act as custodian of all Guild funds and keep an accurate itemized record of all receipts and expenditures in the format specified by the Board. The Treasurer shall be ready to present an account of monies to date when asked. S/he will deposit and maintain accounts in a bank selected by the Board, and work with committees to establish fees for events. The Treasurer shall prepare and present a draft budget at the Summer Board meeting. The treasurer’s records shall undergo an end-of-year audit by another person from the guild.
Section 3.   Appointed Committee ChairsThere shall be appointed committee chairs to be responsible for Programs, the Newsletter, the Library, Membership, Service Projects, the Guild Website, Social Media, and other activities as determined by the Board.
Section 3a.   Program ChairsThe Program chair shall assemble and work with a committee to plan programs and speakers to fill the established calendar schedule of guild meetings and optional workshops, by August 1. S/he shall provide a completed Confirmation of Understanding to the Treasurer prior to the Guild meeting at which the speaker will make his/her presentation.
Section 3b.   Newsletter EditorThe Newsletter Editor will compile the newsletter and prepare it for distribution, in both electronic and paper formats. The newsletter occurs at least five times a year. Back issues shall be maintained.
Section 3c.   LibrarianThe Librarian shall maintain the Guild library and make items available for checkout to members at meetings. S/he shall make recommendations to the Board for the purchase of new items. S/he shall maintain a current bibliography and make it available upon request.
Section 3d.   Membership ChairThe Membership Chair shall be responsible for preparing and collecting membership forms and dues, keeping a current membership list; publishing and distributing the yearly Guild membership directory; and coordinating the printing of newsletter labels.
Section 3e.   Service Project ChairThe Service Project Chair is responsible for coordinating materials, project ideas, and members in their efforts to complete projects for donation. S/he also shall be the liaison between the Guild and the community for this venture. S/he shall make periodic reports to the Guild.
Section 3f.   Web ManagerThe Web Manager shall maintain and publish newsletters, announcements, and other items to the Guild web page. S/he shall also send email communications to members.
Section 3g.   Social Media TeamThe Social Media team shall publish and distribute the program schedule. They shall coordinate guild news through Facebook and other social media. They shall also send out information and invitations to other guilds regarding Mad City Quilt Guild activities and classes.
Section 4.   Nomination of OfficersThe Executive Board members shall work together to find qualified replacements for the elected offices. Nominations from the Board and any additional ones from the floor shall be presented at the May Guild meetings. All nominations must have the consent of the nominee.
Section 5.   ElectionsElection of officers, reports from officers and chairs, and a general overview of the guild will take place at the last scheduled evening meeting of the membership year. A quorum for conducting business shall be the members present. Elections shall be determined by a show of hands.
Section 6.   Term LimitsNo elected officer shall serve more than two consecutive two-year terms in the same office.

Article V – Board Meetings

Section 1.   Regular MeetingsThe Board will meet every other month, at the call of the president.
Section 2.   Summer MeetingAt the summer meeting, the Board shall approve the next year’s Guild budget and set annual dues.
Section 3.   QuorumA quorum for conducting business at the Board meetings shall be the members present.
Section 4.   VotingPassage of any question brought before the Board shall be a simple majority of the Board.

Article VI – Amendments

Section 1.   RevisionsThese bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed and new bylaws adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the last scheduled evening meeting of the membership year. Members must be provided with a written notice of proposed changes prior to the vote.

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