Blotto: Block Lottery

Thank you to our new Blotto Buddies: Gwen Je Schonek and Kristine Schultz

General Information about Blotto (short for Block Lottery):
 Participate as little or as much as you want—but we hope to inspire you to sew a few
blocks and take a chance of winning more!
 Make one or more of the presented blocks, following the design, theme, and color
palette presented, and bring them to the designated meeting to display, which will
include the drawing. The themes will be FALL, WINTER, SPRING, and SUMMER.
 Enter your name in the drawing for each block you bring—the more blocks you make,
of course, the greater the odds for winning!
 One name will be selected at each drawing and that person receives all the blocks
brought to the meeting.

Blotto Schedule for 2019-2020:

extended to Fall 2021

The themes are: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

Block #4 Presentation: August 23 (evening) & September 7 (afternoon)
Drawing for fourth block: September 27 (evening) & October 5 (afternoon)

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