Blotto: Block Lottery

Thank you to our Blotto Coordinator: Gwen JeSchonek

General Information about Blotto (short for Block Lottery):
 Participate as little or as much as you want—but we hope to inspire you to sew several
blocks to either take a chance of winning more, or to help Project Linus! (see below)
 Make one or more of the presented blocks, following the design, theme, and color
palette requested, and bring them to the designated meeting to display and which will
include the drawing.
 Place your name in the basket for each block you bring for the drawing—the more blocks you make, of course, the greater the odds for winning!
 One name will be selected from the basket and that person receives all the blocks in that drawing.

“Pets for Linus”

Our focus this year is presenting blocks that can be used individually or together
for Project Linus. If you make Blotto blocks without wanting to enter the monthly
drawing, we will donate those blocks to Project Linus to be made into a quilt or quilts at
the end of the year. Additional blocks will be collected just for Project Linus in May.

BONUS: The member making the most Blotto blocks for Project Linus throughout the year will receive a special prize at the last meeting on May 22.
BONUS: At the last two meetings in May, during Show & Tell, any member bringing a completed Blotto quilt project from the past five years (2016-2022), or a photograph of it, will have their name in a drawing for a special prize. Name will be drawn May 22.

Blotto Schedule for 2022-2023:

Block #1 – Dog

Presentation: September 6 (afternoon); September 26 (evening)
Drawing: October 4 (afternoon); October 24 (evening)

Block #2 – Cat

Presentation: October 4 (afternoon); October 24 (evening)
Drawing: November 1 (afternoon) and November 28 (evening)

Block #3 – Fish

Presentation: November 1 (afternoon); November 28 (evening)
Drawing: January 3 (afternoon); January 23 (evening)

Block #4 – Rabbit

Presentation: January 3 (afternoon); January 23 (evening)
Drawing: February 7 (afternoon); February 27 (evening)

Block #5 – Bird

Presentation: February 7 (afternoon); February 27 (evening)
Drawing: March 7 (afternoon); March 27 (evening)

Block #6 – Guinea Pig

Presentation: March 7 (afternoon); March 27 (evening)
Drawing: April 4 (afternoon); April 24 (evening)

Block #7 – Round up month!

Presentation: May 2 (afternoon); May 22 (evening)
Announcement of Blotto Bonus Winners on May 22

Previous Blottos

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